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Engaging People & Teams


Employee Engagement


Employee Engagement is a continual journey and we support our clients by designing touchpoint experiences that augment employees' connections with each other and the company. 

It ranges from designing a Learning Campaign to creating interactive videos to onboard all employees and orientate them toward the organisation's Culture & Values. 

We work closely with our clients through the experience-design process to achieve the outcomes and metrics they are trying to influence, paying close attention to enhance the key characteristics that foster adoption and engagement.

Support Group




It is important for organisations to continually identify and develop emerging leaders. We support our clients by bringing their emerging leaders on a journey of, “Learning to lead themselves,” and subsequently translate that knowledge into leading others and forming effective team collaborations. It will prepare them to overcome the constraints of the organisation’s leadership culture, and help them to step forward with a new perspective on leading their teams.

Working collaboratively as partners to our clients makes it easier to create a sustainable road-map for leadership development.

Rich insights into the client’s organisational culture allows us to make good “calls,” prioritising and designing with the intention that as the people mature: building a connection with these emerging leaders which bring immense value to organisations.



& Staff Retreats

To design and deliver great shared-employee-experience-at-scale, you need years of experience, knowledge, tools, network of suppliers and partners, people and processes which includes safety and risk management. 

Creating great employee experience outcomes can be daunting for teams without the necessary skills or resources.

Draw on our experience to help build the experience that your people deserve. Let us do the heavy-lifting, while stakeholders and employees make those truly meaningful connections.

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We see Corporate Social Responsibility Programs really as an extension of the culture of the organisations that we serve. 

We know how to engage stakeholders right across your business so that they feel invested in the cause.


More importantly, they can see how their long-term commitment is going to drive engagement with their people and partners. 






This series of virtual team engagement programs is designed to empower people to build relationships through Human Connections that are fundamental for both resilience in the workplace and at home. We focus on the key resilience pillars of Positive Relationships, Communication and Mindfulness, also touching on other wellbeing factors including; social connection and exploration of purpose & team identity.

We will help you define the user journeys and outcomes which will create a more powerful connection with your people. Objectives can range from increasing interaction to augment diversity & inclusion in the organisation or community.


Talk to us and discover how we can customise the experience based on your target audience and objectives. 

Virtual Engagement


Interactive Team Challenges

Our Interactive Team Challenges can help solve a range of challenges, whether that’s bringing global teams together, helping employees build trust, highlighting the importance of collaboration or easing departmental friction.

Powered by tech, we have the flexibility of augmenting the team experience with location-based features, multi-location deployment and cohesive participant engagement experiences.

Organisations also gain insight and information about your teams that is measurable, purposeful and can be used for future team development. Most clients particularly enjoy our customisation process and have continued to co-create their program with us over the years, evolving their project to a high degree of customisation. 

As a starting point, do check out our themes for inspiration and have a discovery chat with us.

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If you have a brief that you like to talk to us about 


Contact Audree Koh, Business Development Lead

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