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General Terms, Conditions and Notices

The Adventures Website is owned and operated by Asian Detours Pte Ltd.

Please ensure that you review all of the following sections of our Website terms and conditions carefully before using our Website – your use of and access to any page or part of our Website indicates that you agree to comply with and be bounded by all of these terms and conditions.

We may change or otherwise modify this Agreement in the future, and you understand and agree that your continued access or use of this Website after such change signifies your acceptance of the updated or modified Agreement. Any revisions will take effect upon posting.

Terms of Use of the Website

You may only use this Website:

  • for your own personal, non-commercial use only (which will at all times be reasonable and not abusive)

  • to obtain information on, check the suitability and availability of our products or services

  • for purposes legitimately connected with purchasing our services

  • to access or retrieve your booking data or to get into contact with us about your bookings

  • submit and share your views, reviews and comments on our services

You agree that you shall not:

  • access, extract, use or copy any material or information on this Website for any commercial purpose or any purposes which are unlawful. In particular, you are not allowed to copy, (whether by printing, storing on disk or in any other way), distribute, alter or tamper with in any way or use any material contained in this Website except that you may print off any individual page for your own personal use

  • use this Website in any way that causes or may cause an infringement of the rights of any other party or which breaches any standards, regulations or codes published by any relevant authority

  • use this Website in any way that interferes with or affects the performance of the Website or our systems

  • gain or attempt to gain any unauthorized access to our Website, our systems and/or the personal data, or booking data of other users and customers

  • make any unauthorized, false or fraudulent reservation on this Website

Ownership and Use of Material on Website

Unless otherwise stated, Asian Detours owns (or are licensed to use) the intellectual property rights in the content and information in this Website, including all text, sound, photographs, images, logos, videos, maps, blogs, customer reviews, graphics and design. This Website may not be reproduced, copied, republished, downloaded, broadcast or transmitted in any form or medium without our and/or the appropriate owner’s prior written permission.

Purchasing Conditions

Asian Detours believes in protecting your privacy. We will store and use the information you supply us, or which is supplied to us in your use of this website for the purposes set out in our Privacy Policy. You will be/would have been asked to agree to our use of information at the appropriate time. If you do not agree, we cannot interact with you or accept your booking.

Booking a Service

By booking a service through the website, you acknowledge that you accept the practices described in our Privacy Policy and this agreement. In addition, you warrant that you are 18 years of age or older, that you possess the legal authority to enter into this Agreement, use this Website, book the service, and all information you supply is true and accurate.

If you have confirmed a booking with more than one party named and booked under your reservation, you shall be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions on behalf of all parties named in the booking (including minors and those under a disability). Participation by all parties in the services included in the booking also indicates their assent to these terms and conditions.

You also acknowledge that all bookings are subject to availability of tides and instructors, and you will be advised by our representatives should either of these not be available on the dates you are booking for.

You further agree that you will use the booking functionality of this Website only for legitimate reservations for you or others for whom you are legally authorized to act.

Pricing and Discounts

Prices listed on the Website are per person, unless otherwise specified.

All prices we advertise are accurate at the date published, and are subject to GST. Price changes are at the discretion of Asian Detours, and may change without notice, until a booking has been confirmed. Prices do not include tips to our instructors, baggage insurance, and any food and beverages unless these have been specifically listed under the booking.

Rescheduling, Cancellations and No Shows

All cancellation and rescheduling requests must be directed to Asian Detours via email at or phone at (65) 6733 2282.

There is a 15-minute grace period from stipulated program start times. Latecomers will not be able to join the program once it has commenced and there will be no refund for no shows.

  • Reschedule of booking

    Allowed for up to 7 days before the activity date.

  • Cancellations

    Up to 7 days before the activity date – Full refund of payments made.
    3 to 6 days before the activity date – 50% refund of payments made.
    2 days or less before the activity date – No refund of payments made.

  • No Shows

    If you do not show up, or missed the scheduled timing for your booked service, your payment will be forfeited in full. There will be no refund on payments made and no reschedule allowed.

  • Medical conditions

    If you are ill or if any parties from your group are unwell and unable to make it for your booking, please get in touch with us immediately. We will assist to make arrangements for a postponement or participant replacement, subject to availability. If both options are not possible, the penalty charge of 100 percent of the program fees will apply.

  • Bookings under special/discounted/non-standard rates

    Activities booked under a special/discounted/non-standard rate have specific terms and conditions that supercede some of the terms and conditions so detailed here. Where there is no specific terms and conditions in the special/discounted/non-standard rate, the terms and conditions detailed here is in effect.

  • Bookings through a third party

    Asian Detours makes arrangements with activity providers and other independent parties ("Third Party Suppliers") to provide you with the ease of booking our services

  • If you have booked our services and paid for it through a third party (e.g. Viator, BeMyGuest, GetMyBoat, or other independent parties), any rescheduling or cancellation must be done through them. The third party may impose change or cancellation fees, or charges which may amount to the full amount paid for the booking. These amounts will be at your expense. At the time of making a change, you must re-book for available dates (subject to availability) according to the conditions by the third party with which you have made your purchase. You should obtain and read the applicable supplier's terms and conditions.

  • Bad Weather

    In the event of bad weather, we will work with our participants for postponement arrangements.

    Bad weather is defined as:

    1. Poor Visibility - reduced to less than 1km, cannot see Singapore from Pulau Ubin

    2. Lightning is local - our mobile lightning detectors indicate 0-5 miles

    3. Wind is too strong - Beaufort 5; 16-20 knots; fresh breeze; many whitecaps, small amounts of spray

    Our guides will make the decision for postponement when the bad weather persists for more than 1 hour from the scheduled start time of program. Participants not present will be treated as no show, and penalty charge is 100% of the program fees.

Asian Detours is not liable for your decision nor the fees incurred to modify or cancel any planned events due to postponement or delays.


As insurance of each service may vary, it is your responsibility to be adequately familiarized with the terms, conditions and coverage of the insurance provided by Asian Detours. It is your responsibility to minimize risks to the group by following instructions of Asian Detours’ staff.

In the event of Acts of God, the Asian Detours activity director has sole discretion if a change in plan is warranted. Asian Detours shall endeavour to replace the planned service with services of a similar value and duration. If the change of plan includes termination of services, your claims shall be limited to the terms, conditions and coverage of the insurance provided by Asian Detours on your behalf.

In the event that you decide that the terms, conditions and coverage of the insurance provided is inadequate, it is your responsibility to make alternative arrangements to your satisfaction.

Medical and Other Assistance

In the event of injury or sickness to a participant, Asian Detours shall endeavor to render all assistance possible, on goodwill basis. You hereby authorize Asian Detours to alleviate symptoms, minimize shock, stabilize trauma and treat any injury to you and in so doing, authorize us to take all measures including but not limited to; first-aid, administering of drugs that may be available and transport of the casualty. You further agree to indemnify all such actions by Asian Detours from immediate or consequential loss or damages suffered.

With confirmation of participation in the service provided by Asian Detours, you indemnify Asian Detours against any and all claims by you and/or your representatives that may arise, allegedly related to Asian Detours or the service, that may exceed the terms of the insurance provided by Asian Detours.

Other conditions

Upon confirmation of participation in the activity, you accept that services provided by Asian Detours possess inherent risks to any participants and properties in the said service. You also accept that part of the fact of going outdoors may include inclement weather and some physical hardship including potential knocks, scrapes, cuts, sprains, fractures, etc. While Asian Detours shall endeavour to exercise reasonable caution, you agree that in the event of any loss to you and/or your property that may arise during the service or in events that may be in any way related to the service, claims for loss or damages shall be solely and exclusively limited to the terms, conditions and coverage of the insurance provided by Asian Detours on your behalf.


Asian Detours is not liable for loss, theft of, or damage to baggage or personal effects of clients while participating in our services. You should not leave personal belongings unattended in any public areas, on board any mode of transportation, or elsewhere, and are at all times responsible for your own effects and belongings. These conditions apply to any parties booked under your reservation as well.

You agree to be liable for any costs incurred by Asian Detours, our suppliers or partners, as a result of damage of equipment, destruction of property, theft or excess cleaning fees caused or occasioned by yourself while participating in our service. You agree to immediately report any pre-existing damage of this kind to an Asian Detours' representative as soon as possible upon discovery.

Decisions with regards to the service shall rest solely with Asian Detours’ activity directors or program leaders.

Asian Detours does not endorse any conduct by participants that may be interpreted as illegal or potentially illegal.

Upon confirmation of participation in the activity, you acknowledge that you fully understand and unconditionally accept the terms of this Agreement.

Use of Web Browser Cookies

Cookies are text files retained on computers by browsers containing various information in regards to a specific website visit.

The Adventures Booking Website uses session cookies which are valid for use until:

  • you close/exit the web browser application,

  • or the booking flow is completed, and a new session is created,

  • or the booking session has expired.

By using the Adventures Booking Website, you consent to Asian Detours' use of cookies for the following purposes:

  • to enable online bookings by having the ability to follow you through the entire booking flow

  • to enable features related to your management of your booking

  • to store your consent to the use of Web Browser Cookies

You may refuse to accept cookies by altering the settings on your web browser. If you choose not to allow the use of cookies, the Adventures Booking Website will not be functionally available to you.

We may change or otherwise modify this Policy in the future, and you understand and agree that your continued access or use of this Website after such change signifies your acceptance of the updated or modified Policy. Any revisions will take effect upon posting.

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