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Virtual Experiential Education (VEE) framework

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

We would like to congratulate our team for the successful beta testing of our first-ever online facilitation to digitalised experiential learning curriculum via Asian Detours, proprietary Virtual Experiential Education (VEE) framework.

Asian Detours is an outdoor-experiential learning educator and has continued to bring quality outdoor & adventure based education through different learning formats. We believe in pushing the envelope and continue to enrich the delivery of the various programmes that we facilitate such as the LTA’s Safe Riding Programme and NTUC LearningHub Safe Riding for Pedal and Power Assisted Bicycle, among others, keeping the learning meaningful. The COVID-19 situation has empowered us to accelerate our initial plans of integrating facilitation of adventure & outdoor programming with online learning technology.

We are witnessing major disruptions across many industries including education and schools. As a continuous effort, MOE has implemented Home Based Learning (HBL). We believe HBL will progressively be rolled out even after this crisis. COVID-19 has enabled us to change the way we do things and adapt to changing situational conditions happening around us. And this does not hamper our pursuit in delivering continuous education.

With this, we would like to formally announce our SUCCESSFUL rollout of the beta version of Safe Riding through online facilitation blending in the efforts with schools HBL curriculum and schedules. This process was designed with our proprietary Virtual Experiential Education (VEE) framework - mapping out a learner's journey in outdoor learning in a virtual learning environment.

AD's proprietary VEE framework consists of various components like:

  1. attendance management

  2. engagement questions through polling

  3. validation of learning through interactive quizzes

  4. learning scenarios format

  5. extended learning experience through gamification

  6. virtual trainer

  7. live administration

* "Success" was based on “live’ pilot program with a school, measured data activities and very positive feedback.
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