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Occupational Safety for Delivery Personnel

We are looking at an economic evolution further boosted by a global pandemic. Circumstances have created a demand and supply for the community to rely more on the gig economy for work and services, such as food and parcel delivery.

The premature boost has also prompted an increased series of altercations between stakeholders within the communities including traffic accidents.

Professional occupational training in these areas has been muted as businesses falling short of recognising such work as a professional career and didn’t feel the obligation to invest in “external contractors” other than their permanent staff. Onboarding was also non-tedious and after a usual 10 to 15 mins video, one would be expected to perform based on his interpretation, without base standards as expected in any professional occupation.

Asian Detours is proud to be at the forefront, together with our partners, Grab and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, invoking change to recognise and better equip an occupation with professional training towards work competencies, regulations, rules and norms, package handling, etiquette, conduct and personal safety and including the safety of all users sharing the public space.

We are determined to shape the growing trend and make it safe, respectable and sustainable for all.

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