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  • Delivering on Land Transport Authority's vision for the future of the micro-mobility as a mindset for all pathway users including pedestrians.

  • Solutions: diversifying education outreach through effective scaling of content delivery and program operations while maintaining experience quality that is reliable and relevant to the community. Designed with the path user in communities at their heart.​

  • Designing, developing and delivering an education program which supported more than 20,000 participants across schools, corporates and communities.

  • Setting the benchmark for participant experience and end-to-end risk & safety management across different implementations for target groups and location based adaptations.


The Land Transport Authority is a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport of Government of Singapore.​




> 30,000 participants and counting 

> 50 community events 

> 30 corporate partners

> 15 media events



  • Creating behaviour change grounded in user centricity.

  • Designing, developing and delivering a sustainable program that also supports other partnering stakeholders' needs and engagement events and programs. 

  • Embedding contextual relevance for each target group of users that create meaningful user experience that promotes a shift in mindsets in preparation for new changes.


Micro-mobility consists of various forms of lite transportation that can utilise the space alongside bicycles. Referring to dedicated bicycle paths, segregated side lanes alongside the roads that are the de facto approved spaces where cyclists travel. The Singapore Government, who is also a strong advocate of a carbon lite environment, has been quick to visualise emerging trends and how global adoption of such transport evolution can influence our city state. Pegging the new era to “Active Mobility”, in July 2015, The Ministry of Transport convened an Active Mobility Advisory Panel comprising of industry experts, grassroots, urban architects and transport authorities. The Panel developed the Code of Conduct, Rules and Norms which soon translated into the world’s first Active Mobility Act, enacted in 2018, effectively giving all micro-mobility devices legal standings of use in public paths, albeit under strict specifications.    

The Government recognises two core fundamentals towards the success of Active Mobility in Singapore in hopes to achieve her car-lite status and reducing carbon emission.

  1. Building of new infrastructure including upgrading existing paths and improving connectivity to accommodate dedicated cycling paths, including shared paths for PMD and bicycle users whilst keeping the footpaths dedicated to pedestrians and slower moving mobility aids.

  2. Educating the community on the safe use of active mobility devices, the parameters of the regulations and the code of conduct. As a pivoting nuance, the total integration of each stakeholders’ mindset and buy in leading to the harmonious sharing of public space, which is safe and holistically communal overall.

We, at Asian Detours, are proud to have been part of this journey since 2015, witnessing changes at the ground level. Our immediate focus is on education; designing and implementing pedagogy that would resonate with millennials and bridging methodology that would garner collective buy-in with the community.  



If you have a brief that you like to talk to us about 


Contact Audree Koh, Business Development Lead

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